How To Increase Flexibility In Batter Depositors

How To Increase Flexibility In Batter Depositors

In the industrial bakery, operators need systems that offer increased flexibility while maintaining accurate deposits.

March 09, 2020  |  TAGS:  Depositing

Increase flexibility batter depositors

Oakes mixers were featured in an article by Dan Maloney that was published in both Baking & Snack magazine as well as The article including a quote from Bob Peck, vice-president of engineering at E.T. Oakes explaining their development of a simple manifold changeover system that takes less than 15 minutes:

“When they go from product to product and changeover from one pan to a different pan, they’ll just take those four bolts off and remove the manifold.”

To read the complete article, please visit or find it on page 106 inside the February 2020 Baking & Snack magazine.

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