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Incorporated in 1946, E.T. Oakes is celebrating 75 sweet years!

1946 e t oakes founder


Dr. Oakes develops Continuous Mixing!

In 1919, after earning a PhD in Chemistry from Columbia University, Dr. Oakes accepted a position with the National Biscuit Co. at the 16th St. Bakery in New York City. For 18 years, Dr. Oakes worked on product formulation and development with a particular interest in changing marshmallow mixing from batch to continuous. In 1937, weeks before his newly engineered continuous mixer was ready for testing, Dr. Oakes became ill with typhoid fever. Without his supervision, the experimental continuous marshmallow project was declared a failure and he was released from National Biscuit Co. After his recovery, Dr. Oakes spent nine years developing new designs for continuous mixers, ovens, icers, depositors and injectors. In 1946, Dr. Oakes was granted patents on his designs and E.T. Oakes was formally incorporated.

1947 kroger


Kroger purchases the first Oakes Mixers

In 1947, Kroger Company purchased the first two Oakes Continuous Mixers for the production of marshmallow. Within a month, they returned to E.T. Oakes for two additional machines to place in their Cincinnati bakery. That same year, the National Biscuit Company showed interest and began the process of purchasing mixers for their bakeries across the USA.


1953 oakes plant islip


Oakes brings continuous mixing to the Baking, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Latex Industries.

By 1953, Oakes had over 300 continuous mixers in the field, running applications from marshmallow, cake batter, cookies, pie toppings, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and whipped butter to cosmetics and latex rubber.

1953 oakes nabisco


Nabisco Features Oakes in Annual Report

To meet enormous consumer demand for fancy marshmallow cookies in various shapes and colors, Oakes introduced a "fully enclosed" continuous mixing and depositing combination. Bakeries could now eliminate unsanitary hoppers and increase cookie production up to 3,000 per minute with the added benefit of consistent marshmallow densities.

Sara Lee


Sara Lee launches All Butter Pound Cake using Oakes Mixers

Adding to their hugely popular Coffee and Cream Cheese Cakes, Sara Lee begins producing All Butter Pound Cake. As a result of the Oakes Continuous Mixer's consistently excellent, uniform product quality, Sara Lee Pound Cake was made exclusively using Oakes Mixers.


1966 oakes expansion


Oakes Builds headquarters in NY and expands operations overseas.

Oakes establishes a second headquarters, E.T. Oakes Ltd in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Satellite offices were opened in Mexico and Canada. During this period, models 4M, 8M and 10M were added to the continuous mixer product line to accommodate throughputs from laboratory to full scale production.

1966 oakes continental baking


Slurry Mixers and Cake Depositors are added to the Oakes product line.

The Oakes Slurry Mixer (shown at ITT Continental Baking Co.) was designed to replace labor intensive bowl mixers. Used for blending wet and dry ingredients with minimal air incorporation, Oakes designed the slurry mixers for both auto and manual loading. Product is mixed and pumped directly from the slurry mixer to a holding tank or, if homogenization is desired, the continuous mixer. During this time, Oakes introduced both cake depositing for multiple cavity strapped pans, and oven band depositing for cookies, marshmallow and soft jams or fillings.


2 M Chemical Mixer


Oakes introduces the 2" Continuous Mixer for Lab & Pilot Plant

In response to growing demand for flexible and scalable continuous mixing solutions in the R&D Lab, Oakes introduced the 2M Continuous Mixer. Compact and portable, this unit features the same mixing action as larger mixers. Homogenous mixing, precision specific gravity control, uniform air incorporation and highly scalable results made the 2″ an integral part of R&D. Throughput Range 10-80#/hr at .6 specific gravity 10-120#/hr at 1.0 specific gravity


1981 oakes computer controlled depositing


Oakes pioneers automated Creme Injection for Wholesale Bakeries

That same year, a continuous, digital metering system was introduced for Oakes mixers in the Liquid Elastomer Industry.



Oakes Mixers, Cake Depositors and Injectors featured in Bakery Magazine

In celebration of 50 Years of Twinkies, ITT Continental Baking Company showcases their Brunswick, NJ Plant, shipping 3 million Twinkies per week, all produced using Oakes Mixers, Depositors and Injectors.


2013 oakes touchscreen control


Oakes introduces Allen™ Bradley Automated Control for Continuous Mixers

Peter Oakes, grandson of Dr. Earle Oakes, designed the Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC), for touch screen control of product flow and density, equipment diagnostics and recipe storage for quick changeover. This technology quickly became a highly valued option for most Oakes Equipment.


Adfoam clx


Oakes Launches the Ad-Foam™ series for water-based Adhesive Foaming

Building on the successes of Oakes Chemical Foamers designed for Latex and Urethanes, the Ad-Foam™ (adhesive foaming) series was designed for Paperboard Packaging and Litho Laminating. Ad-Foam™ technology was easily installed into an existing glue line, saving adhesive end users up to 40% on their adhesive usage (and associated moisture) while improving glue line appearance and minimizing waste.


ICING 2013


Oakes Develops New Tech for String and Orbital Icing

Available for icing, jellies and caramel, Oakes introduces icers for orbital, sinusoidal, zig zag or straight patterns. Completely customizable, conveyor widths are available up to 60 inches.

ETO HOSTESS Baking Snack Feb16 1


Oakes Mixing, Icing, Depositing and Injection at Hostess Emporia, KS featured in Baking & Snack magazine

Hostess achieves sweet comeback with plant revitalization. Following the installation of two Auto-Bake Serpentine system; E.T. Oakes mixing, depositing, icing and injection equipment, plus new Pearson and Propack packaging and robotic technology, Emporia now produces more than 50% of total company output for Hostess. And that includes all Twinkies.

Laminar Servo Chip


Servo 'Laminar Flow' Depositing Manifolds Introduced

Quiet and smooth, the new servo operated Laminar Flow manifold is designed for cake depositing with small particulates like chocolate chips or blueberries. The streamlined, laminar design simplifies CIP, allows greater deposit control and requires less maintenance.


Lab Product Testing

Our New York Metro Area Headquarters is equipped with a lab for in-house product testing needs. Oakes Engineers have over 60 years of combined process experience and we are excited to help you launch a new product or streamline and improve an existing one.

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