Hero Cake Depositor


Oakes cake depositing systemtmb

Cake Depositing System (CDS)

Deposits batter at speeds up to 100 rows per minute and is easily adaptable to a wide range of pan shapes.

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Oakes extrusion manifolds tmb 2

Extrusion Manifolds

Extrusion manifolds for cakes, fillings, jelly, chocolate, icing, marshmallow and swiss roll.

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Laminar Flow Servo Cake thmb

Laminar Flow Cake Depositing

Servo Cake Batter Depositing with or without particulates. Custom widths up to 60" and speeds to 100 rows/minute for most snack cake applications.

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Oakes marshmallow depositor tmb

Marshmallow Depositor

Shape-deposit Creme, Marshmallow and/or Jelly fillings with unequaled capacity, speed, and precision.

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Oakes servo creme jelly injector tmb

Overhead Servo Creme & Jelly Injector (Contained Pan)

Designed for accuracy and speed, this servo depositor injects the entire pan at once with production rates up to 30 pans per minute.

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Oakes servo cake depositor tmb

Servo Cake Depositor

The Oakes servo rotary valve Cake Depositor runs at production speeds up to 90 rows per minute.

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Oakes servo creme jelly injector free pan tmb

Servo Creme & Jelly Injector (Free Pan)

No more product handling! Designed for easy operation, the Oakes Injector works without a hopper.

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Servo oven band depositor

Servo Oven Band Depositor

Used primarily for base cakes and cookie batters, this servo-driven depositor runs at rates up to 120 strokes/minute.

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