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Ad-Foam™ Adhesive Foamers

Save up to 40% on your paperboard packaging and litho laminating adhesive costs. Better bond, less waste.
Oakes ad foam adhesive foamer

Oakes Ad-Foam™ Adhesive Foamer

Ad-Foam™ is the revolutionary foaming technology that can cut costs for users of water-based adhesives in:

  • Bulk Box/Paper/Vinyl Laminating
  • Honeycomb
  • Drawer Wrap
  • Door Mfg.
  • Litho-Laminating
  • Board/Panel Laminating
  • Tube Winding
  • Veneering and more…

Using precisely controlled, high shear Oakes mixing technology, Ad-Foam creates a bond using 25-40% less adhesive!

Other benefits include: improved lay flat, minimal grain raise, reduced build-up on knives, faster setting speeds and excellent holdout on recycled or highly absorbent surfaces.

All Ad-Foam™ systems have their own delivery process and level controls. Typical installations take just one day without any changes to your application system or glue formulation.


Ad-Foam™ can be used with all water-based adhesives

  • Acrylics
  • PVAc
  • Epoxies
  • EVA
  • PVOH
  • Urethanes
  • Starch
  • UF Resins

Mixing Head Size Options

  • 2M-AFD – throughput up to 300 pounds per hour
  • 4M-AFD – throughput up to 700 pounds per hour
  • 8M-AFD – throughput up to 1200 pounds per hour

Lab Product Testing

Our New York Metro Area Headquarters features an R&D lab for customer product testing. Oakes Engineers have over 70 years of combined process experience and we are excited to help you launch a new product or streamline and improve an existing one.

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