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Holding Tank-Pump Assembly

This unit accepts product from the Slurry Mixer and meters it to the Continuous Mixer or Depositing Manifold.
Holding Tank Pump Assembly

The Oakes Holding Tank/Pump Assembly accepts product from the Slurry Mixer and meters it to the Continuous Mixer or production line Depositor. The product in the tank is maintained at a constant level as it is pumped from the Slurry Mixer and transferred to the production line. For high viscosity applications, a rectangular flange pump assembly with Jacketed Holding Tank is available.

Optionally, Oakes Pump Assemblies are also available with Agitated Tanks for batter applications that change properties while processing and standing.


  • Tanks (316 Stainless Steel): Available in 100/150/200/300/350 gal

Standard Features

  • Operator Keypad ( H.I.M )
  • Pump Mounted on Stainless Steel Baseplate
  • NEMA4X SST Control Enclosure
  • Piping, Clamp, and Gaskets as Required
  • Waukesha Universal Series Pump w/VFD

Options Include

  • Dual Basket Strainer
  • High Viscosity Tank/Pump Assy
  • Jacketed Tank (heating/cooling)
  • Magnetic Trap
  • Product Recovery System (PIG)
  • Spray Ball for CIP Systems
  • Tank Level Sensor
  • Tank Agitator w/Safety Cover Switches
  • Temperature Thermal Sensor

Lab Product Testing

Our New York Metro Area Headquarters features an R&D lab for customer product testing. Oakes Engineers have over 70 years of combined process experience and we are excited to help you launch a new product or streamline and improve an existing one.

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