Calllout Countinuous Mixers


Oakes continuous mixer cake tmb

Continuous Mixer

Homogenize or aerate slurry to produce a highly uniform and stable cell structure.

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Oakes Dual Mixer thmb

Dual Continuous Mixer

Increase throughputs up to 200% with the Oakes Dual Continuous Mixer.

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Continuous Bearing Housing Mixer tmb

Bearing Housing Mixer

The Bearing Housing Mixer is ideally suited for highly viscous slurry applications, or when your usage requires only the mixing head and drive assembly.

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Oakes heavy duty bearing housing mixer tmb

Heavy Duty Bearing Housing Mixer

The Heavy Duty Bearing Housing Mixer is designed for viscous processes requiring high pressures, speeds and throughput.

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Oakes slurry mixer direct drive tmb 2

Slurry Mixer

Produce a more consistent, homogenous, and more controlled premix than conventional batch mixers – in less time.

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Oakes mixer controller tmb

Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC)

Featuring custom, upgradeable software, OMCs are self-monitoring and reporting.

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Oakes mixer with chiller tmb

Mixer with Chiller

Cooling Systems for continuously mixing cake batter, whipped topping, and buttercream applications.

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Oakes mixer oil less compressor

Mixer with Oil-less Compressor

Two-cylinder, high efficiency, oil-less, two-stage Air Compressor with ten-gallon reservoir.

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