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Cake Depositing System (CDS)

Oakes Cake Depositing System (CDS)

Oakes Cake Depositing System (CDS)

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Easily adaptable to a wide range of pan shapes.

Designed to install over an existing continuous conveyor system, this cake batter manifold features an overhead accumulator that ensures accurate, consistent deposit weights as pans are fed to the manifold without breaks.

Easy Touchscreen Operation

Operators access the CDS through an Allen-Bradley™ Touch Screen, which also offers process line history and recipe selection for multiple products.

A Wide Range of Pan Shapes

Fast and reliable, the CDS will deposit batter at speeds up to 100 rows per minute and is easily adaptable to a wide range of pan shapes including finger, round, square and rectangle. Pan configuration determines deposit via servo rotary valve or pneumatic slider valve.

Standard Features

  • CDS Installs over an Existing Conveyor
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Smart Accumulator
  • Encoder Feedback tracks Oven Band or Conveyor
  • Mass Flowmeter
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • SS NEMA4X PLC Control Enclosure
  • Touch Screen PanelView™

Options Include

  • Agitated Holding Tank
  • Oakes Continuous Mixer

Lab Product Testing

Our New York Metro Area Headquarters features an R&D lab for customer product testing. Oakes Engineers have over 70 years of combined process experience and we are excited to help you launch a new product or streamline and improve an existing one.

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