Depositing For Small Cakes and Fillings

Depositing For Small Cakes and Fillings

When it comes to depositing batter or filling for smaller products, accuracy becomes even more critical than for conventionally sized products.

October 01, 2016  |  TAGS:  Depositing

Depositing small cakes fillings

Oakes was featured in an article by Charlotte Atchley that was published in both Baking & Snack magazine as well as The article includes a quote from Bob Peck, vice-president, engineering for E.T. Oakes discussing the importance of accuracy when depositing batters for small cakes and fillings:

“Deposit accuracy is especially critical. You can’t have as much variation with small deposits, therefore variation will have more of an effect. We have to make sure we have in place better control of the deposit weights.”

To read the complete article, please visit or find it on page 95 inside the October 2016 Baking & Snack magazine.

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