Putting Your Operation On Automatic Control

Putting Your Operation On Automatic Control

Integrated technology plays a key role in ensuring high-volume production of a large swath of sweet goods.

June 26, 2020  |  TAGS:  Operations

Baking operations automatic control

Oakes mixers were featured in an article by Dan Malovany that was published in both Baking & Snack magazine as well as BakingBusiness.com. The article including a quote from Bob Peck, vice-president of engineering at E.T. Oakes explaining how adding bite-sized sweet goods to a portfolio requires adjustments:

“The only challenge is there are a lot more needles because the product is smaller so there are more rows across, such as 24 across instead of 16 or 18. It’s a little challenging, but we’ve done it enough times where we have addressed the distribution issues and proper needle size on a variety of crèmes.”

To read the complete article, please visit BakingBusiness.com or find it on page 75 inside the September 2020 Baking & Snack magazine.

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