Keeping Finishings Smooth As Silk

Keeping Finishings Smooth As Silk

If a consumer looks at a finished baked food and declares it “almost too beautiful to eat,” that just might be the highest of compliments.

June 14, 2020  |  TAGS:  Icing

Keeping finishings smooth as silk

Oakes mixers were featured in an article by Joanie Spencer that was published in both Baking & Snack magazine as well as The article including a quote from Bob Peck, vice-president of engineering at E.T. Oakes explaining how their extrusion manifold is equipped to circulate hot water through it for temperature control along with R.-T.-D. sensor probes that come into direct contact with the icing:

“We actually measure the icing temperature and turn the hot water system connected to the manifold on and off to control that temperature.”

To read the complete article, please visit or find it on page 95 inside the June 2019 Baking & Snack magazine.

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