Incline Mix System

Blend dry particulates into an aerated filling

This system is designed to introduce delicate particulates such as berries, nuts and chocolate chips into batter. Dual tanks allow the process to operate continuously; while one tank fills and mixes, blended product in the other tank is gently transferred to the depositing manifold.

Standard Features

  • Tank sizes: 150/200/300/350gal
  • Tanks are 316 Stainless Steel
  • Sine Pump or Single Lobe Waukesha
  • Operator Keypad (HMI)
  • SS NEMA4X Control Enclosure
  • Pneumatic Divert Ball Valve
  • Pump Mounted on Stainless Steel Baseplate

Options Include

  • Jacketed Tank for Heating/Cooling
  • Spray Ball for CIP
  • Tank Level Sensor
  • Temperature Thermal Sensor
  • Flush Tank Outlet Valve
  • Magnetic Trap
  • Product Recovery System (PIG)