Holding Tank

Classic Design and Function

With their unique slant design, Oakes Holding Tanks are immediately recognizable. This 45° slope-bottom allows product to flow freely into the pump inlet of the Mixer.

Tanks are available in seven standard sizes:

  • 10 gal
  • 50 gal
  • 80 gal
  • 100 gal
  • 150 gal
  • 200 gal
  • 300 gal

Custom sizes also available.

When installed with a Slurry Mixer, Holding Tanks are equipped with:

  • Hinged Cover
  • Discharge Piping to Product Pump Inlet
  • Outlet Piping from Slurry Mixer Transfer Pump to Holding Tank

Tank Options

  • Basket Strainer
  • Jacketed Tank for Heating/Cooling
  • Ultrasonic HI/LO Level Sensor