Slurry Mixer

Blend & Transfer Ingredients in 4-9 Min. or less

Produce a more consistent, homogenous, and more controlled premix than conventional batch mixers – in less time.

Large stationary and rotating blades blend your wet and dry ingredients with minimal air incorporation. After blending, a self contained, high capacity pump ensures quick and total transfer to a holding tank. The Slurry Mixer is now ready to receive another batch without delay. Typical batches run from 250 to 2000 lbs in 4-9 minutes or less.

All Oakes Slurry Mixers are operated via PLC with touch screen. Operators can easily select recipes, control mix times, speeds and sequencing. Designed for CIP, Oakes Slurry Mixers also reduce valuable maintenance time.

Slurry Mixers are available in 5 sizes:

  • 24″SM 250lb capacity
  • 30″SM 500lb capacity
  • 40″SM 1000lb capacity
  • 50″SM 1500lb capacity
  • 60″SM 2000lb capacity

Standard Features

  • Allen-Bradley Color Panel View™
  • A-B Programmable Logic Controller
  • Pneumatic Cover (optional for 16/30″ SM)
  • Pneumatically Actuated Pump Protection Valve
  • Quick-release 1/2 turn Cam Latches
  • Solid Stainless Steel Baseplate w/Adjustable Legs
  • Top Shaft Support Bearing (60″ Model)
  • “Touch-Screen” Entry of All Menu Data
  • Variable Mix Time and Speed
  • Washdown Motors
  • Waukesha Transfer Pump

Options Equipment

  • CIP Sprayball
  • Holding Tank Level Sensor
  • Jacketed Tank: Heat/Chill
  • Load Cell Mounting for Auto Wet/Dry Loading
  • Pneumatic Dry Feed Gate
  • Programmable Water Metering
Oakes Slurry Mixer

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