24” Slurry Mixer: Lab & Pilot

The 24″ Slurry features stationary and rotating blades that blend wet and dry ingredients with minimal air incorporation. After blending, a self contained pump ensures quick and total transfer to a holding tank.

Operator touch screen allows easy recipe selection, speeds and sequencing.

Mix and Transfer in 3 – 5 MIN.
Capacity: 250 Lbs.
Power: 230V-3PH-60HZ or 460V-3PH-60HZ

Standard Features

  • Allen-Bradley PLC w/Color Panel View™
  • SST Tank (250 lb capacity)
  • 2″ Poppet Valve in Tank Bottom
  • SST Waukesha Transfer Pump
  • 5HP TEFC Sanitary Rotor Motor
  • SST NEMA4X AC Variable Frequency Control
  • Cover Safety Switch
  • Direct Drive Hollow Shaft Gear Reducer
  • Hinged Cover/Quick-release Clamps
  • Pneumatically Actuated
  • Rotor Shaft Seal w/Air Purge
  • SST Rotor Shaft/SST Stators
  • SST Double Arm Scraper/Removable Blades
  • Solid SST Base Plate/Adjustable Legs
  • Variable Mix Time and Speed
  • Washdown Motors

Options Include

  • Base Plate Mounted on Casters
  • Special Voltage/Hz as Required
Oakes Lab Slurry Mixer