String Icer

Consistent, continuous product icing!

Designed for large scale production, the Oakes String Icer continuously deposits multiple strings of icing in three patterns: sinusoidal, zig zag or straight. Deposits are made across the conveyor at center to center distances to match your requirements. Excess icing is recirculated from the conveyor back into the accumulator pot.

The String Icer features a pressurized manifold with adjustable metering valves for each lane. Custom nozzle sizes are available to produce the desired string dimension. Conveyor widths are available up to 60 inches.

In addition to traditional white icing, this unit is also capable of depositing caramel and jelly.

Standard Features

  • Jacketed Icing Manifold
  • Internal balancing chamber for even flow across the manifold
  • Manifold/nozzle plate “Tufram” Teflon coated
  • Stainless Steel conveyor with “Intralox” top
  • Conveyor mounted on casters with retractable floor locks
  • Jacketed 25gal SS accumulator pot w/scraper
  • Jacketed SS Progressive Cavity Pump (screw type)

Options Include

  • Custom Manifold Widths
  • Custom Nozzle sizes
  • Multiple Nozzle Configurations
Oakes String Icer