Overhead Servo Creme and Jelly Injector (contained pan)

Install the Oakes Overhead Servo Creme and Jelly Injector directly over your existing contained pan or continuous conveyor system, where pans are set at a constant pitch.

Designed for accuracy and speed, this servo depositor injects the entire pan at once with production rates up to 30 pans per minute. Manifolds travel continuously, in time with pans leaving the oven or conveyor. After injecting, the manifold lifts vertically and returns horizontally to inject the next pan.

Horizontal/vertical motion profiles and needle depths are servo driven and easily programmable. No mechanical adjustments are required.

The Overhead Servo Injector accepts a variety of manifolds designed to inject creme, jelly and other assorted fillings into semi-cooled product as it leaves the cooling tunnel or cooling section of an oven. Heavy duty stainless steel manifold takeaway carts are available for easy product changeover, maintenance and sanitation.

Standard Machine Widths: 36″ • 39″ • 44″ • 52″ • 60″

Standard Continuous Oven Pan Widths: 1090mm • 1290mm • 1490mm

Standard Features

  • Allen-Bradley™ Color HMI and Compact Logix Controller
  • Allen-Bradley™ Encoder Synchronizes the Injector with an Exisiting Contained Pan or Continuous Conveyor System
  • Allen-Bradley™ Servo Driven Vertical/Horizontal Motion
  • SST Enclosure With Full Size Access Doors
  • SST Manifold Loading/Take Away
  • Pneumatic Suck-back Mechanism
  • Traveling Stripper Assembly

Options Include

  • Custom Needle Designs
  • Custom Widths for Special Pans
  • Manifolds for a Variety of Pans
  • SST Manifold Storage and Sanitation Cart
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