Marshmallow Depositor

Shape-deposit Creme, Marshmallow and/or Jelly fillings with speed and precision!

The Marshmallow/Oven-Pacer Depositor can deposit a variety of shapes and sizes directly onto base cakes, permitting an assortment of fancy cookies to be processed in large quantities. This includes Sandwich combinations or Jelly and Marshmallow in one or two colors.

How It Works

Using an Oakes Mixer-Depositor combination, marshmallow is piped directly from the continuous mixer to the depositing manifold, eliminating the need for open hoppers. Oakes depositing manifolds regulate flow, temperature and deposit control.

Customize Your Deposits

Nozzles may be designed for any type of deposit including: bon bon, rosette, swirl, finger, peaks etc. Each nozzle is controlled by an independent metering valve, permitting adjustment of the deposit size across the apron.

Combining Oakes Continuous Mixers & Depositors: The Marshmallow Difference

Oakes Continuous Mixers have been industry standard in marshmallow production for over 70 years. Our mixing head produces stable and firm aerated marshmallow with a very fine, uniform cell structure. Since the Oakes process uses less gelatin, natural tackiness is greatly reduced and the marshmallow is firm enough for enrobing or packing with a skinning table of less than half the usual length.

Due to minimal heat rise during the mixing and depositing process, the Oakes Depositor extrudes marshmallow at a temperature lower than the enrobing chocolate, resulting in a better bond and less difficulties due to shrinkage, cracking, and separation. This temperature difference reduces cooling tunnel time and yields a more lustrous chocolate coating.

Production Depositors are Available in Five Apron Widths: 20″ 35″ 43″ 48″ 54″.

Standard Features

  • AC Variable Frequency Speed Control
  • Base Cake Magazine
  • Digital Controller
  • Digital Speed Readout
  • Dual Manifold Depositing
  • Speeds up to 120 Strokes/Minute
  • SST Enclosure w/Full Size Access Doors

Options Include

  • Color Mixer
  • Continuous Infeed
  • Magazines for Indexing Base Cakes
  • Heated Manifolds/Jacketed Piping
  • Detipping Roll
  • Jelly/Chocolate Pump
  • Sandwich Unit
  • Squeeze Roll
Oakes Marshmallow Depositor