Laminar Flow Cake Depositing

New for 2019!

E.T. Oakes introduces next generation cake depositing with a cutting edge laminar channel design that allows batters to flow smoothly, eliminating product shear while maintaining highly accurate product densities.

This design also improves CIP capabilities, and features servo technology that replaces pneumatics, resulting in less maintenance over the life of the equipment. Controlled via touch screen, operators will experience greater flexibility with rotary valve on/off control.

Using a pressurized system, Oakes depositors eliminate hoppers by delivering product in closed piping, directly from the product pump or continuous mixer to the depositing manifold.

Available in sizes to suit all pan and product requirements, including mini muffins with particulates, customers can expect production speeds up to 100 rows/minute.

For more information call: 631-232-0002

Laminar Flow Cake Manifold