Cake Depositing System (CDS)

Designed to install over an existing continuous baking conveyor system.

The Cake Depositing System (CDS) features a closed batter manifold with accumulator overhead to ensure accurate and consistent deposit weights. Operators access the CDS through touch screen control which also offers process line history and the flexibility to adjust deposits for various products.

All Oakes depositors are easily adaptable to a wide range of pan styles including: snack cake, sheet and round pans.

Standard Features

  • CDS Installs over an Existing Conveyor
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Smart Accumulator
  • Encoder Feedback tracks Oven Band or Conveyor
  • Mass Flowmeter
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • SS NEMA4X PLC Control Enclosure
  • Touch Screen PanelView™

Options Include

  • Agitated Holding Tank
  • Oakes Continuous Mixer