Continuous Foamer – Chemical

Custom engineered to your exact specification and manufactured entirely from stainless steel, Oakes Chemical Foamers will withstand decades of continuous operation and washdown.

Oakes Foamers homogenize or aerate slurry to produce a highly uniform and stable cell structure with consistent final densities. Foamers can combine two or more liquid streams, or just improve texture where aeration is not required. Applications include: acrylics, adhesives, chemical foams, dispersions, emulsions, latex, pharmaceutical, plastisol, PVC and surfactants.

Oakes Foamers are available in 5 sizes to accommodate lab, pilot plant and production requirements.

Throughput range: 10 to 37,000 lbs/hour.

Standard Features

  • AC Variable Frequency Drives
  • Digital Tachometers (Rotor-Pump)
  • Simple Maintenance
  • In-line strainer for Mixing Head Protection
  • Jacketed Stators
  • Pneumatic Conical Back Pressure Valve
  • Solenoid Air Pressure Valve
  • SST Construction
  • 303 SST Mixing Head Assembly
  • SST NEMA4X Electrical Enclosure
  • All Wetted Parts made of Stainless Steel

Options Include

  • Oakes Foamer Controller
  • Automatic Back Pressure Control
  • Close Clearance Rotor for higher shear
  • Dedicated Oil-Less Air Compressor
  • 316 SST, Monel or Hastelloy Construction
  • Single or Double Mechanical Shaft Seals
  • Stainless Steel Motors-Drives
  • Stand Alone Glycol Water Chiller
  • Stator Injection Ports
  • Swivel Lock & Brake Casters
  • Over 200 Mixing Head Configurations
Oakes Continuous Chemical Foamer