Mixer Controller (OMC)

Over 70 years of practical experience has contributed to the newest generation of Oakes Continuous Foamers…

Adding an Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC) to your system allows users automatic monitoring & control of Foamer production variables with density control for multi-product operation. Recipes may be sequentially stored in the system’s memory with  process line settings.

The OMC is also self-monitoring and reporting. Multi-level touch screens guide the operator through complete diagnostic checks as the system monitors and compensates for wear over the life of your machinery. Not just for new equipment, this technology may be added to ANY reconditioned Oakes Continuous Foamer.

Benefits of adding a PLC based Oakes Mixer Controller (OMC) to your process include:

  • Automatic flow and density control
  • Activity Log
  • Custom, Upgradeable Software
  • Instant Changeover
  • Multi Recipe/Process Line Settings Storage
  • Optional Ethernet Connection
  • Password Security
  • Self-Diagnostic Checks
Oakes Mixer Contoller OMC