E.T. OAKES 24″ Slurry Mixer for Lab & Pilot Plant

Recognizing the need for more efficient and highly scalable mixing solutions for product development in the lab and pilot plant, Oakes introduces the the 24″ Slurry Mixer. Worldwide since 1946, ET Oakes manufactures mixing, depositing, injection and icing systems for the wholesale bakery.

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Baking and Snack

Hostess Brands Revives Emporia, KS with Technology Transplant

Baking & Snack (February 2016)
by Laurie Gorton and Joanie Spencer
To pull off what was called “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever,” Hostess Brands needed more than revitalization … it needed reanimation. Three years after flat-lining, the company’s flagship bakery in Emporia, KS, now cranks out more than 9 million individual Twinkies and almost as many CupCakes every week in a state-of-the art facility that’s in constant motion, outputting products with speed and precision. Continue reading >