Band Depositor

Install this Depositor directly over your existing Oven Band!

The Oakes Oven Band Depositor adapts to four manifold styles with production rates from 30 to 180 strokes/minute.

Depositing manifold options include:

Cake & Cookie Manifold: Deposit batter or soft dough for the production of base cakes and similar products. This manifold is commonly used to produce vanilla wafers.

Extrusion/Sheeting Manifold: Deposit continuous sheet batter or icing. Product may be extruded in one long sheet for layer cakes, or in rows of sheets for ‘roll’ products.

Extrusion/Marshmallow Rope: Deposit cylindrical marshmallow ropes. Various sizes may be extruded in   multiple lanes across the apron.

Injection Manifold: Deposit creme, jelly or marshmallow into semi-cooled product as it leaves the cooling tunnel.

How It Works

Product is pumped in closed piping directly from the Oakes Continuous Mixer to the depositing manifold. Production Rate is set by the speed of the mixer’s product pump. The speed of the Band Depositor is variable up to 180 strokes per minute.

The Band Depositor is capable of both stationary and reciprocating motion depositing. In reciprocating mode, the manifold tracks horizontally, makes the deposit and returns to pick up the next row (or pan). Motion Profiles derived from twin box cams dramatically extend machine life. Band Depositors are proven to operate for thirty years between overhauls!

Standard Features

  • 2 HP AC Variable Frequency Drive
  • Digital Control Panel
  • SST Enclosure/Full Size Access Doors
  • Independent Slider Valve Timing with a Shaft Encoder & Digital Counter
  • Auto-Synchronization of the Depositor and Oven Band
  • Digital Tach displays Depositor speed in Strokes per Minute
  • Deposit Size/Shapes are easily adjusted via Vertical Rise Rate & Slider Valve Dwell Time

Options Include

  • Programmable Digital Control Panel for remote mounting
  • Unlimited Custom Nozzle Designs
  • Custom Manifold Styles
Oakes Band Depositor
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